Glass Retractable Window Walls

Elegance And Functionality For Your Restaurant Or Home Patio
With Glass Window Dividers from Sunair®



SUNAIR® glass window dividers are the perfect solution for adding both elegance and functionality to your restaurant patio or as an added feature to one of our Pergola® Awnings. Increase your customer’s comfort by adding additional weather protection to your outdoor eating area. Our glass window dividers come in a variety of designs to fit your budget and style of your restaurant and can be fixed or moving for ultimate comfort.

The Up & Down model is made up of two sections, one stationary and one mobile. A simple key is used to lock and release the module. To raise, release window with the key and the spring loaded module will slowly rise on its own.



The Up and Down model of our glass window dividers can be customized to match your color scheme or even display your logo! The base aluminum colors are White and Iron Grey colors. Virtually any color and design graphic motifs can be added to the glass to showcase your restaurant’s unique style.

The Oasis All Seasons model is the perfect adjustable and convertible weather protection solution for every season.

With the Oasis All Seasons convertible modules you can easily change between the up protected Spring and fall mode to an all open warm summer mode by removing the top glass leaving the base wall.

Additional modules include a menu holder, doors, and panorama modules with rounded corners.

The Oasis stationary models have simple and smooth parallelepiped designs which can be adapted to any furniture set up.



Firenze Glass/Panel Model

Additional modules such as the panoramic corner module can be added to enhance your design

Sunair Glass Window Screens also come with a variety of other features for your convenience.